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Slave bitch pt. 8

One more time me ans Mistress Blackdimoond humiliate our ugly foot slut. We start with some trampling then the bitch has to worship our shoes and kiss and lick our naked feet. We also use her mouth as our ashtray and we spit into her face. It’s so funny for us to watch this ridicolous bitch. Lesbian domination, girl/girl domination, trample, spitting, human ashtray, humiliation, verbal humiliation 1920×1080 Full HD

Slave bitch pt. 8   verbal humiliation trampling trample spitting mistress lesbian domination humiliation human ashtray foot slut

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The mistresses love every minute of humiliating

The mistresses love every minute of humiliating   trampling trample torture naked slave mistresses Mistress Claire Mistress Amelia humiliating force foot worship degrading
The gorgeous Mistress Claire and the sexy Mistress Amelia join forces as they torture Claires naked slave Dia. They takes turns trampling Dia all over her body, force foot worship, stomp on her pathetic hands and even trample simultaneously! The mistresses love every minute of humiliating and degrading Dia.
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Mistress Claire walks all over Sybil’s naked body

Mistress Claire walks all over Sybils naked body   trampling naked body Mistress Claire licking dirty sneakers
Sybil is forced to lay on hot concrete while Mistress Claire kicks her and stomps her poor hands into the concrete with her sneakers. Then Mistress Claire walks all over Sybil’s naked body, trampling her with full weight and standing there on top of her until she can’t breathe anymore. Sybil has taken enough abuse to earn the privilege of licking Mistress Claire’s dirty sneakers.
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