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Felony in Copper Wire

Felony in Copper Wire   submissive pain orgasms electricity

Felony if one of the toughest models we let walk through our doors. There’s also no one who cums harder. The combination of these two elements is what make Felony such sexy submissive.

For this update, I tie her on her knees with her hands stung above her head. I cover her body completely in copper wires. The amount of copper she is wrapped in sends sensual sensations all throughout her limbs. At a certain level she just feels the heat of the electricity warm her body but there is a fine line between pleasure and pain with copper wire and that is what I play with.

When I introduce the samurai it opens the flood gates for orgasms. I fuck her hard and fast, confusing her body with all the various sensations.

Electric Chains Keeps her Captive

Electric Chains Keeps her Captive   tied up submissive pain orgasm electro slut
In this updates, I take Alani Pi and teach her the importance of balance when it comes to being my submissive.

With her arms behind her back and one leg tied up, she has to use her tip toes to keep herself upright. However, her ordeal doesn’t begin and end with a ballet lesson, as this is Electrosluts! Alani must stand the tips of her toes while she’s hooked up to the violet wand plate, which will shock her if she touches any metal, while chains are hanging from the ceiling and surround her. With the slightest touch she looses her balance and is shocked by the chains around her.

Alani receives pleasure from a metal dildo, but that same dildo is balanced with the pain the violet wand plates bring as they shock her, even as I continue to fuck her to orgasm.

For Bobbi Starr’s Satisfaction

For Bobbi Starrs Satisfaction   submissive strap on ass fucking pussy licking orgasm nipple torture lesbian three way lesbian domination foot worship fingering domination Bobbi Starr ass licking

The scene starts off in the midst of a steamy lesbian three-way. Plenty of pussy licking, ass licking, kissing and fingering ensues but soon Bobbi Starr shows her dominance over her two playthings and plenty of hot lesbian domination unfolds. The girls are spanked and fingered to orgasm. They are shackled and made to perform foot worship on Bobbi Starr’s beautiful feet while she masturbates. The ladies are paddled, pussy fucked and nipple tortured. Of course the day wouldn’t be complete without the best submissive getting strap-on ass fucked until her ass is gaping to Bobbi’s satisfaction.

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Locked in the Closet

Locked in the Closet   tied up submissive Princess Donna predicament bondage predicament nipple clamps bondage

Jessi Palmer is locked in the closet, patiently awaiting Princess Donna’s return. When Donna finally opens the door for her tied up submissive she shows no mercy, teasing and shocking her with all her electrical devices. Spanking, tape gags, metal shackles, electric dildo’s, sticky pads, nipple clamps, predicament bondage and more await you inside……

The Veteran and the Newbie

The Veteran and the Newbie   submissive

Sarah Jane Ceylon: tough as nails, flexible as Gumby, an all time Kink favorite. Haile James: sexy as hell, huge natural tits, first time being submissive. What do you get when you shoot these two gorgeous ladies side by side? One hell of a hot update.

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Mind Fuck

Mind Fuck   tied up submissive Princess Donna orgasms fucking electricity cunt

Tia Ling is a very tough submissive. She’s been tied up, caned, fucked, and whipped every way imaginable. But there is one thing that still scares her, electricity. Princess Donna takes advantage of this and mind-fucks Tia the entire shoot. Bound and helpless Tia never knows what to expect. She cums hard with a fucking machine in her ass, while her cunt is wired up to electricity. She takes the samurai, cattle prod, electric clamps, and violet wand, and has multiple mind blowing orgasms in the midst of her fear.

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The House Always Wins Electricity is Queen

The House Always Wins Electricity is Queen   tough bondage submissive pain nipple clamps fucking electricity bondage

Addison Heart is a beautiful, gracious and sweet girl at the start of the shoot. She impresses Isis with her pain tolerance as she takes her first taste of electricity – nipple clamps – all the way to 100 percent power without losing her smile.
While impressive, it is not what Isis wants from her little submissive. Isis quickly shows Addison that her pain tolerance is no match for isis’ mind fucking and tough bondage. Soon Addison is on her own edge and very close to going over as the electricity gets more intense, the bondage more involved and the predicaments more painful.
The scene ends with Isis soaking her little sub in a stream of squirt which clearly pleases both Top and Bottom.

Jewell Marceau’s Strap-On Girls

Jewell Marceaus Strap On Girls   submissive strap on fucking fetish bondage BDSM

Here it is! Jewell Marceau gives you an "in and out" abudance of fully penetrative strap-on action with the hottest fetish models around! With some bondage and torment as foreplay, these girls don’t waste time dipping their sticks into a begging and pleading horny, submissive girl! Enjoy as these naughty scenarios of strap-on play are captured for you right here all in one video!

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Girlfriends In Bondage

Girlfriends In Bondage   submissive orgasms helpless fetish blonde

Bound and helpless, these femmes come under the control of twisted girls who take them to shuddering orgasms with licking, kissing and instruments of perversion.

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Petite Bondage Slut: Sensi Pearl

Petite Bondage Slut: Sensi Pearl   submissive Sensi Pearl lesbian sex bondage Bobbi Starr

Sensi Pearl, an all natural petite girl who’s truly submissive and into pushing her limits is put to the test by Bobbi Starr for a full day of lesbian sex and tough beautiful bondage. In the first scene Sensi is suspended, whipped and has challenging clamps hung from her pussy lips. Her little pussy is then filled with fingers till the first of many orgasms is ripped from her insides. She’s made to lick Bobbi’s gorgeous pussy then bound tightly, spanked to a beautiful shade of red and mercilessly fucked in restrictive bondage!

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Power Of Attorney

Power Of Attorney   submissive strap on ass fucking pain paddling fucking foot worship fisting dominating cum ass licking Ashley Fires

Ashley Fires is a sassy college student who can’t seem to keep herself out of trouble. Her strict and sophisticated attorney is fed up with having to constantly keep her in line and wants to leave her at the stand alone but Ashley turns the tables on her authoritative attorney by dominating her in her own office! Roxanne puts up a fight but in the end submits to her submissive tendencies and jumps at the chance of loosing control. Roxanne is very tough and can cum easily from pain. She processes pain by breathing softly and sexualizing it. Heavy paddling, foot worship, pussy and ass licking, fisting and strap-on ass fucking are all included in this update.

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Lolita, Jada and Vanessa

This is not your ordinary lesbo action. These two hot black doms have their way with this petite blonde (Lolita), a submissive who they humiliate and force into satisfying theirs every need and desires.

Lolita, Jada and Vanessa   submissive lesbo action humiliate

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