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When the Cat’s Away Slutty Slaves Play

When the Cats Away Slutty Slaves Play   restraints pussy licking orgasm lesbian fuck toy lesbian flogging finger banging dungeon caning bound bondage ass worship anal strap on
Bella and Darling’s mistress leaves them alone in her dungeon, shackled and bound together with a kissing gag. Unsupervised, Bella struggles out of her restraints only to use Darling as her personal lesbian fuck toy. The scene intensifies with spanking, bondage, flogging, caning, pussy licking, ass worship, finger banging, pussy and anal strap-on and relentless orgasm torture!

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When the Cats Away Slutty Slaves Play   restraints pussy licking orgasm lesbian fuck toy lesbian flogging finger banging dungeon caning bound bondage ass worship anal strap on

When the Cats Away Slutty Slaves Play   restraints pussy licking orgasm lesbian fuck toy lesbian flogging finger banging dungeon caning bound bondage ass worship anal strap on

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Beretta James gets her Asshole Shocked and her Pussy Fisted

Beretta James gets her Asshole Shocked and her Pussy Fisted   restraints painful Lorelei Lee lesbian bondage fist fucking femdom electroslut electrosex electro BDSM Beretta James
Episode 3: Lorelei Lee is a bitch on a mission and poor, poor electroslut Beretta James is on her to do list. In fact, it’s not so much that Beretta’s on the list, it’s a list of things Lorelei is going to do to Beretta. The first check box on Lorelei’s “Fuck Beretta Up To Do List” is putting Beretta in lesbian bondage restraints. Her wrists and legs are put into shackles, giving Lorelei’s Samurai easy access to her dripping wet pussy. But it’s not the pussy, but the ass that Lorelei is interested in, and brutalizes Beretta’s tender and inexperienced asshole with the electrosex toy! Beretta’s femdom nightmare doesn’t end there. Lorelei wants to make sure she leaves an indelible electro BDSM mark on Beretta, and stretches her out with a nice, painful deep fist fucking in her pussy!

Naidyne is the 19 year Electroslut next door

Naidyne is the 19 year Electroslut next door   whore restraints pussy lezdom lesbian BDSM electroslut electrosex electro BDSM breasts BDSM
Naidyne is the 19 year old girl next door, with very little experience in any sort of kink, like lesbian BDSM or electro BDSM, you wish you knew. Too bad I got my hands on her first! See, she’s a girl with a secret and her secret is that she likes to do very bad things. Covering her body, including her incredible breasts, with sticky pads, I open and unlock the secret electroslut whore within Naidyne. As I up the voltage, she squirms and struggles against her restraints, with cries from her electrosex experience. As she shakes and quivers from the electrical current, Naidyne learns that she’s my little plaything in my lezdom games as she worships my sopping wet pussy.

Lesbian humiliation scene features:

  • lesbian restraint
  • electro humilation

The Competition An Electrosluts Reality Film

The Competition An Electrosluts Reality Film   submissive Sinn Sage restraints Lorelei Lee Kristina Rose Electrosluts electrosex dommes
Competitiveness weeds out the wheat from the chaff in any profession. If you’re complacent and comfortable, you’ll let your skills stagnate and ambition will atrophy. There’s always openings for new Dommes at Electrosluts and I pit two would-be Tops in a battle royale for the opening. The rules: they both have access to the same electrosex equipment, the same restraints and they will be judged on their creativity, ability and skill to restrain the sub and talent to make her submit. In one corner, I have Lorelei Lee, aka “The Veteran.” In the other, Sinn Sage, or “The Underdog.” In the middle of The Competition (as I like to call it), Kristina Rose, the submissive test bed for their dark creativity. Sinn has first crack at Kristina, then Lorelei Lee shows off her chops. Kristina proves herself to be a tough sub to crack for both Sinn and Lorelei, this is The Competition, after all. However, rules don’t stop the two determined would be Eletrosluts Dommes from making their mark on Kristina. Watch and see what happens when two hot-headed Dommes are pushed competitively and how they make their sub submit.

Lesbian humiliation scene features:

  • lesbias in restaints
  • submissive lesbian
  • sage humiliation
  • sinn sage devasted humiliated
  • sinn sage fisted
  • sinn sage humiliated
  • www ass fetishe boss stories

Porcelain Doll Feels an Elecrto-DP

Porcelain Doll Feels an Elecrto DP   restraints pussy orgasms fucking double penetration cunt clit blonde anal

With skin as white as porcelain, blonde hair and blue eyes, Alani is the kind of girl I want in my restraints. She’s also come to break in her ass and pussy to electrical penetration for the first time!

Suspended in chains with arms behind her back and legs spread, I open the session by fucking her with an electrically-charged dildo, a Hitachi Magic Wand and sparking her nipples with a cattle prod, bringing out the first round of many mind-blowing orgasms.

But she’s come here for her first experience with electrical anal and double penetration in her tight puckered asshole and lily white pussy, and I oblige her. Restrained with ropes on all fours on a grate, She has no idea what she’s in for. The shock on her face is her genuine first reaction to the electrifying sensation of having all her holes filled and zapped. Alani shrieks as I also apply the Magic Wand her to her clit.

I can’t let her go without giving me some, so I spread my legs open and she eats my cunt. What can I say? It’s good to be the boss.

Once a Porn Star Always a Porn Star

Once a Porn Star Always a Porn Star   restraints pussy clamps nipple clamps lesbian BDSM fucking double penetration cum ass fucking
Times are tough and unemployment is up, even for porn stars! To add to her aggravation, Vivienne Del Rio’s boyfriend made her swear off her former cocksucking and double penetration ways. As a compromise, he agrees to let her continue her career in adult entertainment by performing only within the kinky world of lesbian BDSM, which brings her to head madam and master of electro sex, Francesca Le. Francesca evaluates the potential new sub, and after a quick interview she moves the evaluation to more of a hands-on nature. With various restraints, Francesca uses the assorted electro sex dildos, sticky pads pussy clamps and nipple clamps to test Vivienne’s suitability for the job. But just when she thinks it’s over, Francesca’s ready to take her tender pussy and sore red ass for another go-around. Francesca concludes that fucking on camera is Vivienne’s calling in life, making her cum to terms with her whoredom as she gives in to an intense ass fucking by Francesca’s electrical cock!

Lesbian humiliation scene features:

  • pussy clamps
  • lezdom nipple humiliation
  • nipple clamps with humilation video

Slutty Supervisor

Slutty Supervisor   restraints punishment fucking BDSM ass fucking

Tricia Oaks is new in the lab and is already being promoted to supervisor. Her flirtatious ways have paid off with the boss but her coworker Felony is not going to stand for it. She over powers Tricia with steel restraints and dishes out a punishment that will have her rethinking the new job position. Busty Tricia Oaks does great with submitting in this BDSM scene and also takes a mean ass fucking.


Rapture   vixens strap on rubbing rubber restraints

We can clearly see that these rubber clad vixens are experienced in total control. With all the dildos, rubbing, strap-ons and restraints, you can see the smile on their faces – even through the rubber masks!

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