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Psyche Ward: Lesbian Cuckold Therapy

Psyche Ward: Lesbian Cuckold Therapy   pussy licking orgasm denial nipple torture lesbian flogging finger banging feet caning face sitting caning brutal breast smothering ass worship Aiden Starr

Sex addict Shane Dos Santos finds herself restrained and locked in chastity. As she struggles with the inability to touch herself, her girlfriend, Aiden Starr, and psychiatrist, Ashley Fires, watch her thrash herself into the walls of a padded cell; an intensity caused from her sexual frustration.

This tease and denial psyche ward drama plays out with brutal vibrator torment and finger banging through the small access hole in the chastity belt ending only in a brutal orgasm denial.

Aiden and Ashley take advantage of the horny patient, binding her to the exam table. Treatment includes ass worship, face sitting, pussy licking, breast smothering, feet caning, flogging and nipple torture.

The story closes out with Shane bound to the bedpost while her girlfriend and doctor strap-on fuck in front of her. As they sixty-nine inches away from her face, Shane is left wet and hungry forbidden from the dirty lesbian sex.

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Lezdom Chastity Cuckold

Lezdom Chastity Cuckold   torture spanking pussy licking orgasm denial orgasm nipple torture lezdom lesbian sex lesbian cuckolding flogging finger banging female chastity anal sex

This storyline was a request made by a member named yooli. Thanks, yooli for the suggestion! Also, the long awaited female chastity update requested by many members is also included! Enjoy!

What happens when you are too perfect? A fall from grace? Sarah Shevon is perfect in every way everyday of her life. Everything needs and has to be just so until she meets a women who turns her world upside down. She’s introduced to lesbian sex and her life is changed forever. She can’t get her out of her mind.

Being type A and a bit sheltered, her mind wanders and she starts to have crazy dreams about what people would think if they found out a perfect angel such as herself was wrapped up into the darker side of sex. Her dreams continue to get deeper and darker and the humility is almost to much to bear. But that doesn’t stop her mind from wandering to the darkest loneiest spot it can find. Female chastity, finger banging, pussy licking, spanking, flogging, nipple torture, orgasm denial, lesbian cuckolding and strap-on anal sex are all included!

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