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Cupcakes   spanking


Carolyn gets spanked for stealing Fancescas cupcakes, and is now forced to face being spanked. Click here for more videos and photos …

A Scarlett Letter   spanking

A Scarlett Letter

Natalie finds a letter from her boyfriend, already opened and thrown in the trash! It turns out to be a confession from …

The Naughty Neighbor   spanking

The Naughty Neighbor

As a new neighbor, Carolyn is invited over and soundly spanked for requiring too much “help”from Chelsea’s hubby. Click here for more …

Dressed For A Spanking   spanking jeans

Dressed For A Spanking

Krissy is a naughty neighbor who parades around the hood in revealing attire, leaving little to the imagination of other wives husbands, …

Beach Blanket Spanking   spanking

Beach Blanket Spanking

Pixie is spanked outdoors on a beautiful beach. Click here for more videos and photos from this update!

Chelseas Personal Assistant   spanking

Chelseas Personal Assistant

Pixie just can’t seem to please chealsea’s high demands for her personal assistant. This causes chealse to want to teach her a …

Madame Zolas Dance

Madame Zolas Dance

Ballerina AnnaBelle risks being taken out of the recital because of missed rehearsals. Or, when she does attend, she’s late. Madame Zola’s …

Bare Necessities   spanking

Bare Necessities

Lizzy was naughty, again. She went shopping when she didn’t need anything and bought an expensive dress that she really didn’t need. …

A Boutique Spanking   spanking hardcore

A Boutique Spanking

When Lena arrives for work in Chelsea’s exclusive clothing boutique with a terrible run in her pantyhose its time for some hardcore …

Bedtime Story   whore

Bedtime Story

Lena is found dressed in sleazy lingerie at bedtime. This causes aunt Chealse to bring down the hammer, and teach Lena to …

Sexual Spanking   spanking

Sexual Spanking

Sexual Spanking is one super sexed-up spanking session with a special vibrating toy, called the Vibestrap…Chelsea straps it onto her thigh and …

Scantily Clad   spanking jeans

Scantily Clad

Scantily Clad find Lena trying to sneak out of the house behind Aunt Chelsea is back in very low cut jeans. By …

In The Christmas Spirits   spanking

In The Christmas Spirits

Its Christmas Eve and elf Carolyn is busy wrapping gifts for Santa to deliver the world over. Meanwhile, Mrs. Claus is in …

Tricky Treat   spanking nurse

Tricky Treat

Clare and Chelsea are about to make off for a Halloween Party. But, when Clare arrives at Chelseas door having paraded herself …

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